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Rallyoop beta

Campaigns in our upcoming beta launch are featured commission-free!

We've enhanced proven crowdfunding mechanics to make your campaign a rally point for support and innovation.

Scroll down to find out how Rallyoop helps ideas, projects and causes break out of the traditional crowdfunding mold.

What is Rallyoop?

Raise Funds


At heart, Rallyoop is a crowdfunding platform: projects connect with supporters from "the crowd" to fund projects through online campaigns. Campaigns show a project's purpose, background, funding goals and deadlines. Campaigns typically offer benefits to supporters in exchange for their contributions.

Crowdfunding is reinventing the way endeavors of all sorts are funded, and we're reinventing crowdfunding.

Campaign in Phases

All but the simplest of projects have a beginning, middle and end. Why should campaigns be limited to a single funding event?

From concept to delivery, Rallyoop makes it simple, flexible, and intuitive to campaign in phases. Use a pre-set template or customize your campaign to present a timeline that reflects your project's real-world progress.

  1. Phases give you the freedom to start your campaign early. Garner interest, feedback, validation and bootstrap funding as early as the "idea" stage of your project.
  2. Split large funding needs into smaller, more-achievable goals, and maintain momentum throughout your campaign.
  3. Communicate progress by completing phases. Meeting phase goals builds supporters' confidence in your project.
  4. Use a phase to communicate a "stretch goal" as the important supplementary effort that it is, rather than just an afterthought.

More than Money

Coming Soon

Money is great, but some supporters don't have a lot of it, or may not yet be ready to pitch in cash. Some needs are intangible to begin with.

In a Rallyoop campaign, supporters can make an impact by contributing ideas, time, expertise, skills and materials. Need volunteers to help build a school? Want feedback on the design of your next gadget? The community can help meet a variety of project needs directly.

A Creative Community

Coming Soon

Rallyoop is a social environment where people can express themselves and exchange ideas. We are an open platform, and we welcome folks with widely different motivations, dreams and goals. We are people who want to innovate, make a difference or just create cool stuff.

We are developing a number of features that enable community without sacrificing privacy:

  • Online sharing is the best way to "get the word out" about a project you support. Optionally link your activities on Rallyoop with your favorite social networks.
  • Host or join an interest group.
  • Connect with others by blogging, on a group forum, by chat or personal message.
  • Get notified of relevant content and events. We use intelligent tags to match projects with supporters based on areas of interest, skills, and project types.
  • Wading through a sea of postings or profiles to find something interesting can be fun for a few minutes. But when you're looking for something in particular, you need a search feature that actually works.

Most of all, the Rallyoop community is you. Join us to launch something simple, or build something epic. We can't wait to see where you'll take it.